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High-End Auto is the exclusive certified Gtechniq Coatings in Lafayette

High-End Auto has built a reputation for using only professional-grade products that are environmentally safe and rigorously tested by detailers in the field, before recommending them to our customers. The professional application of interior and exterior protective coatings are unlike any you’ve experienced before.

What is Gtechniq?

Ever since the first shiny automobile rolled off the assembly line in 1913, car care specialists and car owners have sought a long-lasting product that will protect the exterior paint and uphold its new car shine. What followed is a flurry of protective sealants, invisible films, polishes, waxes, compounds, and bottled clear coats. Even the best of them produced only short-term results.

Gtechniq was born out of pure science, the love of cars and the desire to create the best car care products, with a focus on protective coatings – the cornerstone of our success.

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Smart Surface Science

After nine years in development, Gtechniq scientists have integrated advanced micro-abrasive finishing technology.


The Lineup

The Gtechniq range includes composite ceramic coatings, leather, fabric, wheel and trim protection, and much more.

W8 Bug Remover

W8 Bug Remover is a 100% biodegradable, pH neutral formula.


GWash produces a high foam content.

T1 Tyre Dressing

T1 Tyre and Trim keeps your tires and trim black and spotless.

W6 Iron and Fallout Remover

W6 is the safest and most effective method of removing fallout.

C2 Liquid Crystal

C2 Liquid Crystal is the revolutionary way to make your car shine.

I1 Smart Fabric

The most advanced hydrophobic formula for fabric protection.

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High-End Automotive in Lafayette, LA, is your full-service, mechanical, body & performance shop. Our staff offers first-class customer service for all of your automotive needs. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all our auto body and paint work. We cater to your convenience, not ours. Unlike most shops, we provide timelines to our customers for their auto body or collision repair — and stick to them.

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