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Is your vehicle running bad, making weird noises, or anything else out of the norm? It could be a quick fix or a complex repair, but either way we’re here to help! Here at High-End Automotive we offer a wide variety of mechanical services for your car, truck, SUV, or van.This includes engine and drive-train, exhaust, brakes and bearings, fuel and emissions, heating and air conditioning, and alignments. You can trust that when you bring your vehicle into our shop, we will do everything we can to get it back to you working as it should, and our professional staff will always treat your vehicle as if it was their own.


Is your check engine light on, or any indicators showing that there may be an issue? Waiting could turn that small problem the light is alerting you to, into multiple problems and lights. Our staff will find out very quickly as to what is causing the certain light or lights to be on. We will stop at nothing to make sure that when your vehicle leaves our shop, all warning lights will be off and stay off.

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High-End Automotive in Lafayette, LA, is your full-service, mechanical, body & performance shop. Our staff offers first-class customer service for all of your automotive needs. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all our auto body and paint work. We cater to your convenience, not ours. Unlike most shops, we provide timelines to our customers for their auto body or collision repair — and stick to them.

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